Are you looking for a qualified and reliable freelance translator and interpreter?

In the globalised world we live in, where conferences are held in English, documents are drawn up in Spanish and customers could speak any language, business expansion and diversification are no longer a utopia. Therefore, translating your documents, reports, minutes or statements and hiring interpreters for internal meetings, general meetings or conferences become crucial to not be left behind in this race.


I am a dedicated freelance translator and interpreter based in Brussels and always on the look of new challenges.


My areas of expertise include:


Legal: agreements, certificates, judgement, minutes, contracts, statements.
Medical: medical reports, manuals for medical devices, medical certificates, medical histories.
Economic & financial: economic reports, agreements, financial statements, summaries.
Literary: both in prose and verse, mainly children’s literature.
Social: social services, common agricultural policy, youth and poverty organisations.

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